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Entrepreneurship for food lovers

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      Daria Kyslitska

      Hello everyone,

      I have started this forum because I think that it is essential to promote healthy food and also because I would like to draw the attention of otrher entrepreneurs on the increasing popularity of the food startups, there are loads of opportunities in this field!
      Have a look:

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      Isabel Ibor

      Dear Daria,

      I am also a fan of health-related topics and good diet! I am happy there so so much going on in this area.


      Best, Isabel

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      Adrien Ory

      Dear Daria,
      food startups are definitely the future!
      Please check out the Thought For Food initiative carried out by Millennials like us, it is a startup dedicated to engaging and empowering the next generation of innovators to solve the complex and important challenges facing our food system:

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