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In the Module 1 – Communication and Storytelling the learner will gain knowledge related to communication and storytelling, which are essential for being a successful entrepreneur. Effective communication is a key skill and the way to connect with people.

What is more, storytelling can be a powerful tool in the hands of smart, eloquent professional who can get attention of the audience by building a bond between them, based on respect and trust. You will get to know categories of communication and its channels. In each part you will interact with your mentor and revise the theory. Moreover, you will see how communication process works; that receivers can use techniques such as reflection as effective way to make sure that the message sent has been understood properly.

The crucial part of sending the message is to direct it correctly to our audience and choosing the proper channel. There are seven C´s which could help you remember how to speak so your audience will be keen on listening. We need to make sure that we communicate in the simplest and clearest way possible. Besides, you will learn what skills you need to communicate well.

Next, you explore what storytelling is, what benefits have and how to make a good story.

Each paragraph finishes with tips for the mentor, questions and a list of videos which could help you understand the topic.

By the end of this module, you will learn:

  • How to use communication process in your life,
  • Why communication is so important,
  • How storytelling can change your business,
  • Which factors are essential for a good story,
  • Where can you apply Storytelling,
  • Understand why barriers and misunderstandings occur so often,
  • How important constructive feedback is.

Source: rodgerscounseling.com/silence-men-men-communicate-relationships